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Brands start with a vision and a commitment to make something unique and memorable. Our goal when giving advice about branding is to make YOUR brand stand out within its own unique niche. No matter if you are creating a business, organization, charity, personal brand, product, service, or something else, we are committed to helping your brand push through the massive noise online and become known for being positively different.


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about your brand says something.

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Branding is the combination of appearance, speech, sound, story, emotion, and everything else that people experience. Branding establishes the idea of what your organization stands for, accomplishes, whom it serves, and how it is set apart.


Steps of

Brand More

The very first step is getting to know us while we get to know you, your vision, your organization, and your goals. This initial step typically takes place in the form of an interview or online conference call where we ask a ton of questions and you or someone else in the organization gives a ton of valuable answers. The questions asked are usually about values, goals, "what is your why", processes, systems, competition, audience, and many more. After the meeting, both of us understand much more about each other and we have a ton of notes to begin creating a strategy. Then our agency will proceed to onboard your organization and give you the options for moving forward.

Steps of Branding

At this point, we will understand exactly what your brand does and we'll know most of the information required to begin the research phase. Our research takes a deep dive into quite a few areas. First, we find out everything possible about the competition. We look at their strategy, successes, failures, numbers, audience, growth, loss, and marketing. Then we look for areas in the marketplace that haven't been explored and/or have an easier and less expensive point of entry. We find out which marketing strategies and brand personalities are and aren't being used, which ones should be explored, and which ones to leave stay away from. If your brand isn't new, we'll do a brand audit. We then concentrate on the areas of your brand that are rated lowest and begin building it back up.


The name of your brand is extremely important! It's the first piece of information that someone remembers and associates with your brand. Your business name can have a major effect on the sharability, reputation, strength, and influence of your brand in a community or even the world. When you hire us to help you find the best path for marketing your business, we make sure your name reveals your personality, reflects your values AND attracts the right audience. We also work with legal partners to ensure that your brand name is legally yours.


What's your story? How would you describe the personality of your brand and the culture that you want it to have in the future? Both the story and personality of your business must stand out and resonate with the right audience. Based on our initial meeting and the information we learn during the onboarding process, we will tell your story and make sure every bit of the narrative and creativity is full of your brand personality. Some brands exude a serious and professional personality and some have a light sense of humor. The main thing is to ensure that it represents your brand well.


It's time to creatively communicate what you do and who you are. The messaging used in different forms of advertising, page summaries on your website, and short messages in other brand content should have a tone that feels like your brand. Every piece of content should define your brand. Customers should know exactly what your brand is all about, no matter if the only thing they read is the message on your homepage or the summary on your business card.


Graphics, creative visuals, and videos are what bring your brand to life. Too often, brands have a logo created before their messaging, tone, and personality are nailed down. The logo, font, colors, and all other pieces of creative content should show the brand's personality and culture. During the visual brand creation process, we make all visual elements match the other processes we've already been through to make your brand stand out.


When the culmination of the visual branding, messaging, logo design, brand naming, and personality come together to tell the entire story, you need something that gives guidelines for everything that we've discovered and everything that we've created. This document will outline the dos and don’ts for everything graphic design & visual related. The Brand Guideline Package will make it easy for you to hire others to work on your brand while ensuring that everything stays the same and tells the same story.


It's time to create unique branding materials created for your business based on your target audience. Marketing collateral could be signage, expo booth design, sales presentations, business cards, brochures, digital ads, video, or something else. During our research, we learned who your customer is and where they hang out. From this research, we determine what kind of collateral will best serve your brand and reach your audience.

just for

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Get the biggest bang for your buck with one of our BRAND PACKAGES.


Created for small businesses and personal brands.

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Our packages include everything your brand needs to become incredible! Instead of complicating things, we've created a few packages to make it easy for you no matter if you're just getting started, you've been in business for a while, you have a small business, large business, personal brand, or something else. If you have a unique situation that requires a unique package, we'll create one specific to your needs.

Brand Assistance $1000

Do you need someone with branding experience to come along side you and help with everything from design to social media? Our brand assistance package includes access to our design, editing, consultation, & social media services. You get access to these services during normal business hours, up to 2.5 hours of work per week for 10 weeks.

(Doesn’t include videography, photography, market/brand research or name/trademark research.)


Brand Starter Package $3500

This package includes everything you need to set a new brand up for success. The Brand Starter Package is perfect for small businesses that need in depth competitive research, logo and social media banner design, social media accounts setup, initial social media post creation, consultation on initial marketing, and discounts on website design, ongoing social media management.


Brand Builder Package $8000

This package includes everything you need to grow in your business. The Brand Builder Package is designed to give you consultation, assistance, and guidance in marketing strategy, social media, website, search engine optimization, video, photography, and any other tools we have at our disposal. You get a focused team that dives into your website design, audience behaviors, redefining your customer avatar, social media strategy and growth, collateral design, and anything else we find during our discovery process. This package looks a bit different for every customer as it is customized for your specific needs and industry.


Custom Brand Package $500+

We create a custom brand package based on your needs.


Brand Packages
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