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What We Did.



Cape Carteret Baptist Church (CCBC) hired us as a brand consultant. We started by looking at every aspect of their digital & physical presence, appearance, and perception from an outside point of view. CCBC was a church with a rich history, strong foundation, and excellent growth potential. CCBC had previously hired a church ministry consultant to help them understand the current health of the church, identify areas where they needed improvement, and understand how to get to the next level of growth. Knowing this going in, we concentrated on understanding the final analysis of the church consultant.


We began working on fixing the perception and creating an image that matched the new vision of the church, "A Church United in the Passionate Pursuit of the Next Generation." We agreed on a branding package that included a new logo, website, signage, and social media management.



The new CCBC logo needed to feel modern and contemporary while also conveying a sense of moving forward. We designed a logo with a clean font, asymmetrical font balance, and a major focus on the words CAPE CARTERET which is also the name of the town. We added a double arrow pointing forward (to the right). Double arrows are synonymous with fast-forward and we saw this as an easy opportunity to show a church pursuing the next generation and moving forward.

Full_Blk_Transparent_Bckgnd (1).png
Cape Carteret Baptist Preschool.png


Signage goes hand in hand with becoming a cohesive brand. At CCBC we wanted to make it easy for visitors to feel at home and find their way around the campus freely while taking some of the strain off of long-time members who were used to pointing out where to go. Mapping out your facility and making branded signs that feel cohesive and give clear direction are necessary to create a memorable and likable brand image.

CCBC Parking Sign
Welcome to Cape Carteret Sign
CCBC First Time Guest Parking Sign
CCBC Kids Sign


CCBC needed a complete makeover of their website. We took everything we discovered during our initial branding research into account to make something that would allow new guests to quickly find the exact information they were looking for.


A church website has many pages that result in an introduction and call to action. Statistics show that in 2022, video content makes up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic and is 1200% more successful in watch time and conversions than other forms of content. Also, 9 out of 10 people say they would prefer video over other forms of content. Because of this, we added welcome videos, explanations, and video calls-to-action on many of the main pages to increase watch time, feel more personable, and increase conversions.

Based on the previous 4 month's stats on the old site before we launched the new CCBC website, the results were a 125% increase in traffic from Google, 98% increase in site sessions, and an average site session duration of 4 minutes 12 seconds.



Like many organizations, most churches do their best to post important information and scheduled events on their social media. The issue is usually the branding of the content, planning a purpose to each piece of content on the social media calendar, and the consistency of posting. When we took over the social media management for Cape Carteret Baptist Church, we created a social calendar with educational posts, verses, events, and videos that would be consistently 3-5 days every week at the same times. These posts would also correlate with events, forms, and pages on the new CCBC website. This created a schedule that people grew accustomed to which increased engagement and shared content.


Based on the previous 6 month period before we started managing CCBC social media, the results were a 4700% increase in video engagement, 40% increase in followers, and a 50.1% increase in reach.

ig logo.png

8-10% membership growth within the 1st 3 months

125% more traffic from Google

fb logo.png

50.1% increase in reach on social media

7-10 guest interest forms per month received

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