What We Did.



Pureganic Cafe is a restaurant in Rye, NY where you can get nutritious, delicious, and healthy food and drinks. Their food is organic, plant-based, kosher, and gluten-free. Pureganic handcrafts all of their food and drinks in their own award-winning organic, vegan, gluten-free, and kosher kitchen. The owner of Pureganic, Moshira Soliman, is a clinical nutritionist with 15 years of experience. After an unfortunate health diagnosis, she decided to let real, natural food be her medicine. Upon discovering how limited healthy eating options were, Moshira decided to open Pureganic.

We were brought on board to create a website that reflected Pureganic's values while representing their image. The website needed to connect to their ordering platform that was previously set up and give customers the opportunity to see their menu, connect, and become familiar with Pureganic.

Pureganic Vegan Cafe.png


Moshira Soliman had a way of teaching her clients about nutrition and offered expertise that was infectious. We suggested that she was perfect for a podcast and could reach many more people by building an online audience for her nutrition coaching. Several months after we began work on the website, we started a podcast called "Eating for a Healthy Life". 

After a year of podcasting, the show "Eating for a Healthy Life" has over 10,000 listeners and Moshira has been recognized, contacted for coaching, and seen as an expert in her field.

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Consistent email campaigns are very important for restaurants to keep their customer base informed of specials, menu changes, and even reminders of normal everyday happenings and things that don't change often. We schedule unique emails 3 times per week to Pureganic's email list. These emails include restaurant information, free recipes, healthy living tips, podcast episodes, and a TON of value without feeling like it's always an advertisement for anyone that signs up.

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Once you create so much content for a brand like Pureganic, it's easy to repurpose that content for different mediums. For instance, taking a podcast episode clip and putting it on Facebook with valuable healthy living or how-to information really is great for social sharing.

We began to take all of the content from Pureganic and use it in many different areas. This is proving to be very valuable to the brand and we are seeing an increase in viewership, followers, podcast downloads, and customers across the full gamut of brand marketing.