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David Muncy is a solo contractor that does home renovation, woodwork, electrical projects, and other custom jobs in Winston Salem, NC. David's father, Paul Muncy. started his business in Winston Salem in 1957 which gave David the opportunity to work on and around various types of equipment. He also received electrical and electronics training and experience while serving in the military before becoming an electrician for established companies in NC and overseeing countless projects involving carpentry for more than 15 years as a contractor.

In the beginning, David's contracting business thrived on older ways of marketing that worked exceptionally well in the 80s and 90s. He took out ads in the local newspaper during the 90s with a target audience of homeowners between the ages of 40 and 60 looking for the expertise of someone with a multitude of professional, trained skill-sets. These ads worked wonderfully for the first 20 years of David's business. However, in the first 15 years of the 2000s, there was a steady decline in long-time customers as they moved, or passed away and new leads and potential customers rarely called.

In 2017 we were asked by David Muncy to come up with a plan that could simply increase the number of leads, conversions, and long-term customers for his business. We decided to do a complete rebrand. We decided to present David as the area's handyman by naming his website and online presence, Winston Salem Handyman. This new name would allow us to build a new website, create a new logo, create some social buzz, and build an organic and consistent stream of leads.



The new Winston Salem Handyman logo needed to simply show the name of the city and David's desired primary work, carpentry. We also wanted to show that he was open to other types of residential work. The logo is simply a concentration on the word handyman, surrounded by a hammer, Winston Salem, and a house.



WEBSIT was designed to be a simple way to find out information about the business, get in contact with David, and act as a lead generation machine for Winston Salem Handyman. We built 2 forms to make it easy for people to have questions answered, and receive estimates for work. One of the forms is called a Kwik Quote and allows people to get a fast and free, basic estimate of their project. The other form is the Pro Estimate and it gives people the option of paying $45 to get an on-site evaluation with an exact quote, a breakdown of project costs including material and labor, and reimbursement of the $45 if they decide to move forward with the project.

One of the success factors for David's website is the welcome video on the homepage and the options they have for receiving an estimate or a quote. People love options and they love seeing who will actually be doing the work.

David now gets 4-6 quality leads per month and retains 35% of these leads as repeat customers or long-term customers. 85% of David's customers in the last 2 years have been from


4-6 organic leads per month

35% conversion to long-term/repeat customers

85% of all leads coming from the new website

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