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PODCAST Management

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What is podcast management & why should you have a podcast?

Having your own podcast will help you reach a wider audience of like-minded people that are interested in your expertise or business. This builds trust, loyalty, and essentially gives you another avenue to advertise and monetize your business.

When you're ready to give your audience an incredible form of content in the form of a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly audio show and you don't want to do all of the work...YOU NEED PODCAST MANAGEMENT!

Our customers build successful followings all over the world by recording a weekly, 20-30 minute audio call with us. IT'S SUPER EASY and WE DO ALL THE HEAVY LIFTING


1. You join a Zoom meeting each week and talk about your expertise or you can answer questions during an interview-type call (if requested we'll include a professional show host to introduce you or interview you).


2. After the call is recorded, we put a pre-recorded intro on each segment then upload a high-quality version of the show to your podcast dashboard.


3. The dashboard software automatically sends the podcast and show notes that we've written out to all major podcast networks and even keeps track of who's listening, where they're from, how many downloads, and a whole lot more. We can even help with monetizing the podcast.

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How does it work?

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Podcast Pricing

We have pricing that makes sense. Our podcast management prices are based on your desired schedule. Check out below and pick what makes sense for you. 

Unsure of what you need? No problem! Click Here or call us at 910-265-3700

Pricing. Easy & Affordable



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Start a Podcast!

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