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Senior Couple Doing Yoga



We believe it should be AFFORDABLE and EASY to have a great website that showcases the brand or story that you're trying to show the world.

As a client, you're part of a community of people from around the world that want something authentic, professional, clean, and quality. We take a lot of pride in what we do and we believe that your website should build relationships and have a human connection. We build every website with the understanding that your website is an investment that should bring you a return.

Some of the sites we've built.

Senior Couple Doing Yoga



NO HIDDEN FEES. Our pricing is simple and based on the amount of content and number of pages. Need something simple, clean, quick, and effective? Check out our Silver Packages. Looking for something a bit more robust and feature-driven? Platinum is for you!

Which package is right for you?

You need SILVER if

Your budget is:

$800 - $2,000

You need:

6 pages or less

You are:

A small business or personal brand.

You need PLATINUM if

Your budget is:

$3,000 - $10,000

You need:

more than 10 pages

You are:

A medium sized or larger business

You need CUSTOM if

Your budget is:

$10,000 - $20,000+

You need:

Extreme customization & 30+ pages

You are:

An expansive brand or have a global presence


Silver is our basic and quick web design service that includes:

  • One of our hundreds of templates customized to your brand

  • Stock photos or photos that you send us

  • Stock video or videos you send us

  • Typically 6 pages or less, with up to 10 sections. (Usually, each page has 2-4 sections. Purchase additional sections, see below.)

Basic Silver Website:

Up to 10 sections with a contact form. (Example: salon website with pictures of the salon, what we do, about the owner, pricing, staff, & contact us section)  $800


Advanced Silver Website:

Up to 10 sections with contact forms and an instant contact bot, payment portal, downloadable content, blog, gallery, profiles, etc. (Example: landscaping business with pictures, what we do, our story section, team profiles, what our customers are saying (reviews), get a quote, make a payment section/button, contact/social info, blog, or other options)  $1200

Need more sections?

Up to 20 sections on 6 pages: (This adds 10 sections onto our Basic or Advanced Silver Package.) $500


Platinum is our premium web service that includes:

  • Completely custom website design

  • Professional photos/videos

  • Custom royalty-free photos/videos

  • Pro videos recorded by F5 (such as business introductions, video ads, or videos you take that need to be edited by F5.)

  • Advanced lead forms

  • Advanced photo galleries

  • Advanced data collection

  • Advanced smart forms

  • E-commerce capabilities

  • Shopping carts if needed

  • Menus if needed

  • Other advanced features

Platinum Website:

Platinum web services start at $3000 and are custom priced based on project demands,

To get a custom quote on a platinum website, click below and let's talk!

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Looking for a fully custom website package?

We can handle it.

Schedule a call below and get a custom quote.

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Silver Website Packages
Platinum Website Packages
Custom Website Package
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